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Instagram Plus APK is the modified version of Instagram app with some additional features. For example, you can download pictures and videos using this Instagram Plus APK.
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January 18, 2023
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You may have used Instagram in your life. It is one of the most amazing social connection applications. Since it was launched, it has grown exponentially all over the world. Every day, millions of people of all ages are active on this platform. However, developers have developed a modified version of Instagram with some extra cool features. This modified version is called Instagram Plus APK. This software, also known as Instagram Mod APK, is free to download. It is not available on the Google Play Store; it can be downloaded from this website.

Instagram Plus APK contains privacy safeguards, the option to download pictures and videos, and more. Users of the Instagram Plus APK can view the full profile picture. Android, iOS, and Windows are all supported by this application. However, to download this APK app on your Windows PC, you will need an Android emulator. You can get this app without paying a single cent and without any restrictions. The application periodically receives updates that correct bugs or add new functionality. There are many more amazing features in this app. So, before discussing those features, let’s learn more about the basics of the Instagram Plus APK.

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About the Instagram Plus APK

Instagram Plus APK is a modified version of the Instagram app with some additional features. For example, you can download pictures and videos using this Instagram Plus. By double-tapping, you can also zoom in on any profile photo on this modified version of Instagram. There are other additional settings in the Instagram Plus APK. For instance, you could have the video play with sound by default. You’ll be able to do this whenever you watch the video and play the sound.

The most recent modified version of Instagram Plus APK is an intriguing substitute program that provides more capabilities than the official Instagram. It has a high potential to gain popularity in the social media community among regular users of this well-known social app. No other social networking app can compare to the unique features that the Instagram Plus offers. So keep reading to discover some of the amazing features of this app in detail.

Key Features of Instagram Plus APK 

Download Anything 

We are unable to download videos and photographs onto our phones using the original Instagram. This is the main justification behind the development of the unofficial Instagram Plus by third parties. Instagram Plus APK allows you to save all images and videos, as well as live feeds, to your Android phone. You can also download the stories of your friends onto your device with just a few clicks.

If you are using Instagram’s original APK, are you unable to copy someone else’s bio or like their comment? So, to do that, download the Instagram Plus and copy the comments or biographies you like. Moreover, you can also use other people’s captions and comments for your Instagram posts.

Hide/View Stories and Online Presence

If you want to use Instagram privately from your friends, check the “Hide/View Stories and Online Presence” box. Then you will be able to hide your stories from certain people. The decision to display online is now entirely up to you. You have the option to hide your online presence and story view on Instagram Plus by going to the settings menu.

Customizing Themes 

Tired of looking at the same Instagram background? Do you want to change that into something interesting? However, you cannot change this via the official Instagram app. With the help of the Instagram Plus APK, you can do this to modify the theme and background color of your Instagram account. You are free to select any hue you like. This is just another fantastic aspect of Instagram Plus. There are several themes available to you. So, download the Instagram Plus app and make your account profile much more interesting.

Additional Features of the Instagram Plus APK

  • In-built translator  
  • Multiple language support
  • Share URL  
  • By default, volume is on for videos 
  • Full sized profile pictures


Instagram Plus is an intriguing alternative software that has more functions than the standard Instagram app. For any regular user of this well-known social network, it is a potential alternative because it has a huge audience base. You can easily gain popularity via this platform with your interesting content. In addition to downloading stories and videos, you can also hide your online presence by going to the settings menu. There are many more amazing features available in this app. So, if you want to experience all those features, download the app, and do not forget to share this amazing app with your friends.

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