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Elevator Girl APK is a rhythm game where you must touch, interact, and punish elevator girls to progress. The game features a variety of elevator girls to choose from, each with their own unique skills and abilities. You can also customize your elevator girls with different outfits and accessories. Elevator Girl APK is a fun and challenging game that is sure to keep you entertained for hours on end.
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Elevator Girl
August 10, 2023
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Looking for a thrilling game? If so, you are in the right place. Today we will introduce you to a game called Elevator Girl APK, where you spend some time entertaining yourself. This game is particularly suitable for adult audiences. It contains content that is inappropriate for kids or adolescents. Therefore, if you are over 18, you can play this game. Otherwise, you should look for some other games available on this website.

Moreover, Elevator Girl APK is an extraordinary game in its own category. The storyline of the game is unmatched. You will act as the protagonist, who is responsible for the smooth transportation of people between the flats. There is a large community of people living in the apartment. Your responsibility is to make this transportation process smooth.

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About the Elevator Girl APK

Elevator Girl APK is a new category of app. The soundtrack is so realistic that you will feel the atmosphere. Your job may seem easy, but it is not. In your job, you will interact with different people. Sometimes you will come to interact with hot girls alone in the elevator. This is a hard time for you to control your emotions. Because the girl will be so hot wearing half-naked clothes.

The game will have multiple endings based on your actions and decisions. You are the manager of the elevator. Any problem that happens in the elevator will be on your shoulders. However, you use some tricks to escape the trap. Spending time with the hot girl in the elevator will give you a different level of experience.

The hot girl in the elevator may ask for help. In return, you can demand anything. You can also demand to be physical. She will let you do that as well. Moreover, you can have a beautiful conversation with different characters. The dialogues are so interactive and interesting. So, get ready for unpredictable events to happen.

Key Features of the Elevator Girl APK

  • Visual Novel: The game is based on a visual novel. The story is very interesting and engaging. Every character in this game has an important role to play. While playing the game and seeing different H images, you will have a new experience.
  • Multiple Endings: However, if you are not satisfied with the ending of the story, don’t worry. If you want to experience different endings to the story, play it multiple times. As mentioned previously, this game can have multiple endings based on your actions and choices.
  • Rhythm Game: This game will test your sense of rhythm. You will need to press the buttons on the screen in sequence. It is challenging, but it is a compulsory part of the game to progress. This feature gives users a new experience.
  • Beautiful Visuals: Graphics play an important role in this type of game. Luckily, this game offers high-quality graphics. The visuals are worth seeing. You will also be able to listen to the beautiful background music. In addition, the visuals of the characters are also appealing.
  • Simulation: It is very important to deal with your emotions. This game has a simulation element as well. The girl in the elevator can be naughty or anxious sometimes. This all depends on your choices and decisions.

Additional Features of the Elevator Girl APK

  • Unpredictable Events: You will face different challenges. However, sometimes it is unpredictable. Get ready to face any challenge you encounter.
  • Puzzles: You will need some important creative skills to solve different puzzles to progress in the game. No worries: with practice, you will get better.
  • Secrets: You will also explore and find hidden secrets in the game. They are both surprising and exciting.
  • User-friendly: The game offers a user-friendly experience. So, even if you are new to this game, you will still be able to play it professionally.


To sum up, Elevator Girl APK is an exciting game where you will find different opportunities to meet new characters. As the name of the game states, you will meet a beautiful girl in an elevator. Now the most important character you will meet is the girl in the elevator. The girl is so hot and emotional. She will need your help, and in return, you can ask for anything. She will be ready to give you whatever you want from that beautiful girl. However, your main mission in the game is to help people travel in an elevator. The smooth functioning and ending of the story will be largely determined by your actions and decisions. So, download the app now and get ready to play a game with multiple endings.

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