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JuasApp Mod APK is a free prank calling app that lets you make unlimited prank calls to your friends and family. With this mod, you can also unlock all the features, including the ability to change your voice, record prank calls, and share them with your friends.
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August 02, 2023
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Have you ever made a prank call to your friends? Yes, right. Pranking is one of the most entertaining activities. It becomes very interesting when it is done anonymously. You don’t need to ask for someone else’s mobile to prank your friends. You can simply use the app, JuasApp Mod APK, to have a fun time while making a prank call with your friends.

If someone has made fun of you or insulted you, this is the best time to do the same thing with them. However, keep in mind that pranks should be harmless. It should not be about personal matters. People with heart disease should keep away from this app.

Moreover, with this app, you don’t need to have pranking skills. There are prank calls already available for use. You can use them according to the situation. Moreover, you can change your voice to prank your friends. Changing voices from male to female is very funny and interesting. You can use this feature to be the girlfriend of someone.

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About the JuasApp Mod APK

JuasApp Mod APK is a prank-calling app for Android users. It has been downloaded thousands of times. You can use this app to have some entertaining time with your friends and family members. If you are bored of your routine work, download the app and have some funny moments with your friends and family by making prank calls with them.

There are thousands of pre-recorded jokes and prank calls that you can use. If you want to create your own jokes and pranks, you can do so. You can show creativity and shock your friends. With good jokes, you can make someone’s day. However, in the official app, you get a limited number of prank calls. But if you download the mod version, you can get an unlimited number of prank calls and jokes.

Furthermore, the app offers you a voice-change feature. Using this feature, you can change your voice. For example, you can use the voice of any celebrity to invite them somewhere. Or you can use your friend’s girlfriend’s voice to reveal their secrets. You can also use this app to prank complete strangers. However, it should always be done under ethical limitations.

Key Features of the JuasApp Mod APK

  • Prank Call Library: If you don’t know how to prank someone, don’t worry. There are thousands of pre-recorded prank calls that you can use. There are different kinds of prank calls and jokes. You can use anyone according to your needs. For example, there are prank calls, such as a call from a celebrity, etc.
  • Create Your Own Prank Calls: This is the best part of this app. You don’t want to use the pre-recorded prank calls; you can create your own. It is also an opportunity to show your creativity and humor skills. You can use your own voice or someone else’s voice to prank your friends.
  • Share Prank Calls: Doing pranks with friends is fun. But sharing those pranks with other friends is multiple times funnier. Now you can share prank calls with other friends, or you can share them on social media platforms. However, before posting them on social media, ask for consent.
  • Voice Changer: Now you can change your voice and shock your friends by calling with the voice of any celebrity. Or you can use the voice of some government official to intimidate your friends.
  • Privacy Settings: JuasApp APK cares about your privacy as well. If your prank calls are received by others, they can miss using them. Therefore, on this platform, your prank calls will only be seen by your friends. No third party will be able to access them without your permission.

Additional Features of the JuasApp Mod APK

  • Anonymous Prank Calls: If you want to have some fun while irritating your friends, you can do so. Your identity will be completely anonymous. In other words, nobody will be able to differentiate whether the call is from you or any other person.
  • Prank Messages: In addition to prank calls, you can also send anonymous prank messages to your friends. You can use the default messages, or you can create your own prank message.
  • Different Scenarios: With every situation, you need to change the style of your prank. Therefore, there are prank calls and messages for different scenarios. You can select anyone based on your requirements.
  • Customization: If you want to make the prank calls even more realistic, you can customize some settings. For example, you can provide the recipient’s exact name while sending a message.
  • Prank History: You can always come back and check your prank history. You will always find those moments very funny that you had with friends. This app records all your activities so you can visit them later.
  • International Availability: You can do pranks with your friends not only in your country but abroad as well. The app supports multiple languages. Now you can enjoy pranking with your friends in other countries.


To sum up, JuasApp Mod APK is an app to entertain you on your boring days. It is a prank-calling app. Using this app, you can have funny moments with your friends. The app allows you to use pre-recorded prank calls. Also, you can create your own prank calls and messages. Moreover, you can also use the voice changer to change your voice while making a prank call. Isn’t that amazing? So, what are you waiting for? Download the app now and make a prank call with your friends today. Create some funny memories with your friends and family.

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