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Probo APK is an opinion-sharing and event prediction platform where you can have fun and earn rewards as well. You have to answer simple questions with yes or no, and if you get the right answer, you will get a reward in the form of real money.
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September 11, 2022
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Have you ever earned money while playing a simple game? If not, today is your chance to make some money by answering a few simple questions. Yes, you heard it right. On Probo APK, you will get rewards in the form of real money by just answering simple “yes” and “no” questions. Moreover, there are some other ways through which you can earn money. For instance, if you refer the Probo APK app to your friends, you will get a bonus reward.

Every day, millions of people use this app in their leisure time to earn some money. Any age group can use this app to make money. Students can earn their pocket money. In addition, salaried individuals can also use this application in their free time to increase their income. So, before discussing the important features of the app, let’s know more about the app.

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About the Probo APK 

Probo APK is an opinion-sharing and event prediction platform where you can have fun and earn rewards as well. You have to answer simple questions with yes or no, and if you get the right answer, you will get a reward in the form of real money. In addition to earning money, you will get an opportunity to increase your knowledge and prediction skills. The questions asked on this platform are related to very diverse genres. For instance, you get questions related to sports, such as cricket, soccer, hockey, basketball, volley ball, etc. Moreover, you will see questions related to upcoming elections, where you have to predict the future result and get rewarded. For example, you will be asked questions related to sports, such as “Will India win the T20 World Cup?”. Here, you will predict the answer, and if you get it right, you get the money.

More about the Probo APK

Before moving on, let’s talk about the basic features of Probo APK. Probo APK is an application for Android users. It is compatible with any kind of Android device with 5.0 or later versions. Every day, hundreds of interesting and unique topics are discussed on this platform. In other words, it is the best platform to immerse yourself in mind-stimulating discussions. On average, every day, more than 420,000 people are answering different questions on this platform and earning money. Money withdrawal is very easy process. There are many options available, out of which you can select your own way to withdraw money. For example, you can withdraw money via Google Pay or Paytm.

Key Features of the Probo APK

Huge Number of Topics

There are more than 200 interesting topics available to discover. For example, you will get questions about:

  • Sports: It includes cricket, football, cricket, volleyball, hockey, tennis, and many more.
  • Technology: It is a fascinating topic, and in the 21st century, most people have a sound understanding of it. Here, you will find questions related to digital gadgets, software, and many other tech-related matters.
  • Academics: If you are a student, you can benefit from it very much because here you will find questions related to mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, and many more.
  • General Topics: In the general category section, you will find interesting questions related to geography, history, world current affairs, etc. 

Profit Withdrawal 

You can easily withdraw your profit via a Paytm account or Google Pay. However, there is a threshold, once you reach it, you can get your money in hand within 24 hours. 

Yes or No Style

The process for betting is very simple. You can decide how much you want to bet on a specific question. Nevertheless, you can critically analyze the current market and then decide how much to bet. If you win, you will be rewarded with real money, and if, unfortunately, you lose the game, you lose the money. So, try to make wise decisions. 

Easy Exit

Here, the rules are very flexible. You can change your mind and exit the trade before the final result is revealed.

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Additional Features of the Probo APK

  • User-friendly 
  • Easy and instant money withdrawal
  • Lightweight 
  • 5,500,000 INR is earned every day 

Final Remarks 

Probo APK is one of the best applications to earn some money in your spare time. You have only to answer simple questions with “yes” or “no.” If  you get the correct answer, you will get a reward in real money. Moreover, this app will help you discover many amazing topics and will give you an opportunity to learn about so many things. Also, by predicting the different situations in the game, you will improve your decision-making skills. So, hurry up and download the app on your device and start earning real money. 



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