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Pure Tuber is the colon of You Tube. The main difference is that here you will be able to watch videos without ads disturbing you.
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YouTube has unimaginably transformed the tech world. It contains a lot of content in the form of videos. You can find a video about anything, whether science, religion, philosophy, technology, finance, or any other field of life. In other words, YouTube is a giant video content-sharing platform. However, as the audience on YouTube is growing day by, the attention of advertisers. Large-scale and even small-scale businesses are investing billions of dollars in advertisements. The fact is that not everyone watching videos on YouTube is interested in these advertisements. The ads displayed while watching a video on YouTube cause a lot of disturbance. Moreover, nowadays, you can not skip an ad until it finishes. This isn’t very pleasant, and it causes a lot of time wastage. To tackle this issue, developers have created a Pure Tuber APK that can provide you with all the content on YouTube.

With Pure Tuber on your Android device, you don’t need to worry about the irritating ads. Now you can watch all your favorite YouTube videos without any ads. YouTube has made the world an era with all videos, but Pure Tuber is making the world an era with ads-free videos. Now, online video streaming will be more fun and exciting with Pure Tuber. There are a lot of other fascinating features to this app, so before discussing them, let’s know more about the app.

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About the Pure Tuber APK 

Pure Tuber is just like YouTube, where you can watch online videos. It is an application specifically for Android users. It allows you to watch videos without the ads disturbing you. In other words, it is an ad-blocking application. You can also enjoy smooth background play. Moreover, you can also download the videos in either MP4 or PM3 format. There are many unique features to this application. Let’s discuss some of them briefly.

Key features of the Pure Tuber APK 

  • Block Ads: This is the fascinating feature of this app. There is an ad guard video player on this app that blocks every type of ad. Now you can enjoy watching or viewing videos without ads. 
  • Pop-up Blocker: Unnecessary pop-ups while watching a video is very irritating. However, with Pure Tuber APK, you don’t need to worry about all these useless pop-up ads. This app automatically removes unwanted pop-ups. 
  • Background Video Player: Although you cannot easily play a background video on YouTube, you can do it easily on Pure Tuber. You can play any type of video and exit the app. It still plays in the background. You can open other apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Messenger, etc., and still enjoy the video playing on Pure Tuber. You can adjust the small removable window anywhere on your mobile or computer screen by using the minimize function. 
  • Floating Video Player: You can use this option as well to play a video in floating pop-up mode while browsing the internet. 
  • Video Resolution: You can play videos in different resolutions, from 144 p to 8 k. The maximum resolution is 8K, which is active by default. 
  • User-friendly: It is very convenient to search for new videos. You can do a quick search, just click on the search bar, and type your video’s name. You can type some parts of the name of that video, and it will give you auto-suggestions based on AI technology. 

Final Remarks   

To sum up, Pure Tuber is the best alternative app for all those Android users who don’t want to get irritated by unnecessary adverts while watching their favorite videos online. This app has ad-blocking features that allow you to watch any video without any ads. You can also download the videos in HD quality. Moreover, you can watch the video in a floating pop-up mod as well. So, what are you waiting for? Go and download and install Pure Tuber APK now.

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